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What's Next for America?
Photo by Luke Stackpoole / Unsplash

What's Next for America?

Justin Barber
3 min read

Donald Trump enraptured millions of Americans when he broke onto the political scene in 2016 with one of the most memorable campaign slogans in the country’s history:

“Make America Great Again”

Like other effective slogans – Just Do It, Think Different, Obey Your Thirst – it is succinct and inspires action.

Do, Think, Obey, Make.

Do you remember Hilary Clinton’s slogan?

Probably not, since it was the rhetorical equivalent of a wet noodle. The official slogan of the Clinton campaign was:

“Stronger together”

The phrase is inherently flawed because it’s a vague notion passively expressed. It’s more sentiment than slogan – something that you might find crocheted onto a pillow on Etsy rather than embroidered onto a hat. Which brings me back to MAGA.

If Hilary’s campaign brainstormed 85 different slogans where sometimes the only difference between concepts was a single word…

Stronger together
Together we’re strong
Progress for people
Progress for all

…I think it’s safe to assume that Trump’s campaign took a similarly intentional approach to crafting their own slogan. Which means that at some point in their process, they must have considered the option of:

“Make America Great”

In my opinion, this is a perfectly fine slogan! In these cases, shorter is usually better. Three words better than four.

So why include ”Again”?

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