The Valleyist

A weekly newsletter about faith and career, written from the heart of Silicon Valley.

Hypothetical FAQ

Who writes this newsletter?

Hi! I’m Justin. I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, worked at Google 4+ years on the Pixel phone, and now lead design at a Silicon Valley startup in the self driving car industry.

Why are you writing it?

I believe that work is both the most meaningful and meaningless part of my life. Writing this newsletter is one way I’m processing that paradox 😅and I hope it encourages other people as a result. 

Why should I subscribe?

 If you live in Silicon Valley, you might enjoy this newsletter if... 
• You have a love/hate relationship with the Bay
• You’ve struggled to find spiritual community here 
• Navigating work within the context of your faith can be difficult

If you live somewhere else, you might enjoy this newsletter if...
• You are career driven
• You’re a person of faith (or might be exploring it)
• You're curious about the spiritual climate of Silicon Valley, and want to hear an insider’s take on what it’s like to live and work here 

Created by Justin in California ✌️

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